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Frequently asked zoning questions

What is required to obtain a zoning certificate?

  • Site plan showing the following:
    • the entire lot and the dimensions
    • all buildings/structures currently on the property with all the setbacks from property lines
    • the proposed new building, addition, fence, swimming pool, etc. with the setbacks from the property lines
  • Drawing or picture of the proposed structure, building or addition
  • Contractor's name, address, and phone number
  • Total cost of the proposed building or project

What are the requirements to build a detached garage, pole building, shed, or any type of accessory building?

  • Can not be any closer than 2 feet to the side or rear property lines.
  • Can not be any closer to the road than the existing house that is already on the property.
  • The building can not cover more that 5% of the total square footage of the property.
  • A new building can not be placed on property that already has 5% coverage.
  • For lots between 5,000 - 11520 sqft with a home already on it can construct a building of no more than 576 sqft or 24' x 24'

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